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Newborns always bring new challenges, whether it's your first

or your tenth.
Babies are constantly learning about the world around them,

and it's our responsibility to support their development.

During times of exhaustion, confusion, or uncertainty,

it can be difficult to provide the necessary assistance.

You might need help.

You probably need a doula.




My Story

I'm Roni: a former Graphic Designer and a mother of 3 healthy and relatively happy teenage girls.
I love babies, and after my kids get older, I have the time, experience, and skills to help new parents, on their journeys to raise their families.

In recent years, I have served as a post-partum doula and worked with many families, mostly at night, to create a healthy, supportive, and good routine and to instill healthy sleeping habits in babies in the first months of their lives.

From understanding the importance of teaching children independence sleep and self-soothing skills, I decided to open my own business to help parents of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with the skills and insights I learned during my years in the field.

I am fully vaccinated and certified in FIRST AID and CPR for babies, children, and adults.

I don't smoke and I will never come to work under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

I live in Palo Alto, California, and work all around the globe.


My Agenda


The world is a complicated place.

Children come here as a blank slate but receive a parent or parents who are no longer like that.

We grow up in a world where messages are complex, mixed, and sometimes confusing.

The importance of the best and most beneficial attachment for our children is an important value, but so is education, career, relationship, and family. We try to navigate between all these to raise healthy and happy children, who will become whole and happy people.

How do you do it?

That's an excellent question!

How do we know we are doing good? How do we distinguish between what is good for them and what is good for us?

These are the questions I bring to the table when I come to the aid of a family. I encourage maintaining the principles of ancient attachment while taking into account the family and personal needs of the household members. From this place, you can give the child the best care that will benefit him in the future as well.

And yet?

I haven't reinvented the wheel. Firmly rooted in the belief of providing the necessary minimum level of distress, I emphasize the importance of teaching children the foundational skills of self-soothing and independent sleep. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. A child accustomed to a certain routine may not readily embrace changes, so we must guide them patiently and inclusively, tailoring our approach to their individual needs and those of the family.

My Consultation


A sleep consultant helps individuals and families overcome sleep-related challenges and establish healthy sleep habits. 

as a sleep consultant, we assess your child's sleep patterns. I investigate and learn through questioning the parents for the family schedule and habits, and the child's needs, and try to find the pitfalls and mines that make it difficult for them to develop the natural and healthy habits of self-soothing and independent sleep.

I develop a personalized sleep plan and provide ongoing support to address issues like difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or irregular sleep schedules.


The duration of working with a sleep consultant varies based on the severity of the issues and your commitment to implementing our recommendations.

It usually ranges from a week to three, sometimes even

a month.


Every family can benefit from working with a sleep consultant. Many times babies who sleep "like babies" in the first months, change the familiar sleep patterns due to growth spurts or regressions in sleep, and sometimes, all that is needed is fine-tuning to get them back on track. I invite you to contact me for a preliminary conversation, to understand your needs and how I can help.

More about

Sleep consultation for

special needs families

My Counseling & support options:

Postpartum Doula service:

Postpartum service on weekdays
Postpartum service weekends


Sleep consulting:

Base: Sleep Training Practice in a Single 45-minute Call

Sleep Train: Customized sleep plan + once-a-day online consultation support for 3 days

Sleep Train Plus: Customized sleep plan + daily online consultation support

for a week (7 days)

Sleep Train Plus on site: Customized Sleep Plan + daily online consultation support for 3 days + in-person one-time presence at your home for bedtime

Sleep Train Plus extended on site: Customized Sleep Plan + daily online consultation support for 7 days + 3 times in-person at your home for bedtime

On-site+night stay addition on weekdays

On-site+night stay addition on weekends  

50$ per hour

60$ per hour







50$ per hour

60$ per hour

My Contact


For further information: 

Cell: +1-650-435-9013

WhatsApp: +972-52-8187999


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