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Whether you have a newborn, an older baby, or a toddler with unsatisfactory sleep patterns, you too must be struggling.

You probably walk into the world with one eye open after long, exhausting days, with patience that runs out quickly.
Sounds like it's time to get some sleep counseling.

Well, here I am, Sleep Training Doula,

ready for a call!

My Story

I'm Roni. Former Graphic Designer and a mother of 3 healthy and relatively happy teenage girls.
I love babies, and after my kids get older, I have the time, experience, and skills to help new parents, on their journeys to raise their families.

In recent years, I have served as a post-partum doula and worked with many families, mostly at night, to create a healthy, supportive, and good routine and to instill healthy sleeping habits in babies in the first months of their lives.

From understanding the importance of teaching children independence sleep and self-soothing skills, I decided to open my own business, where I help parents of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with the skills and insights that I learned during my years in the field.

I live in Palo Alto, California, and work all around the globe.


Counseling and support options: 




For further information: 

Cell: +1-650-435-9013

WhatsApp: +1-052-8187999


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