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“Roni was instrumental in helping us establish good sleep habits for baby. We were on the verge of getting into a bad routine of relying on sleep aids. She came to intervene at just the right time. Since then he’s been an excellent sleeper. He connects sleep cycles and does not rely on pacifiers, rocking, feeding, etc. to put himself to sleep. Thank you, Roni!

This was a game-changer.  We are very grateful.”


"As first-time parents my husband and I were extremely anxious about many aspects involving the care of our newborn, but Roni put our minds at ease. She was kind and patient not only with our baby but also with us. She is very knowledgeable about early childhood development and guided us with structured playtime to ensure we hit all our milestones. It is abundantly clear that she enjoys interacting with children and it was great to see her be so loving and attentive to our baby's needs. We are really grateful to have had her support as we entered this new phase of life.

Roni, we will miss you!"


Yashashree & Sangram

"Roni came to me when I was in desperate need of help; our 4-month-old was only sleeping when held during the day and at night, so I was in dire need of sleep! Even though it was a departure from a typical doula role, Roni was quick to agree to help us, and I'm so glad that she did!
She was dependable, knowledgeable, and supportive, and went above and beyond to help us.
Roni also kindly made herself available on very short notice.

I highly recommend Roni as a doula - her warmth and reliability will immediately put your mind at ease and allow you some time to take care of yourself if you need it."


"Roni took wonderful care of my son. She consistently treated him with warmth and love.

She talked with him, held him, soothed him, sang with him, and engaged him in age-appropriate activities. As a new mother, it made me feel like I could relax and take care of myself, knowing that he was being taken care of so well. I also learned a lot from Roni as she helped me troubleshoot some of the issues my son was facing and offered excellent advice."

 - Alexandra

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