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Maya's parents:

Smiling Baby

I cannot rave about Roni enough to truly do her justice. She was such a wonderful, warm doula that went above and beyond in all aspects of her work.
As first-time parents, we were so relieved to know an expert was in the house when we brought our daughter home from the hospital. Roni is a wealth of information on raising a baby, drawing on her experience as a mother as well as working with newborns.
Roni was always on time and respectful and filled with useful advice and recommendations. The advice in books/google on how to raise your child seemed endless, so having Roni as a voice of reason on topics such as when to introduce pacifiers or when the baby is tired versus hungry, etc. cut through the noise and allowed us to create the right path for us as a family.
Roni was so amazing with our daughter, very gentle, warm, and loving. Not only did she take care of the baby, but she also took care of ME--refreshing my water, checking in on how I was doing emotionally, and what else do I need in order to wake up happy and fresh.
Roni has been a wonderful addition to our new parenting journey, and we cannot recommend her enough.

Gal and Michael Palo Alto, CA. Feb 2022

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