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Daria's mom:

Cute Baby Crawling

I am so happy to be able to recommend Roni!
We received a very warm recommendation about Roni through a friend she worked with.
Roni came to us when Daria was already a month old. I thought I was in control of the situation; the baby was sleeping well, breastfeeding, and doing everything babies do.
About the time Roni started accompanying us, Daria's first growth spurt occurred, leaving me a little overwhelmed, since, her two siblings are already old. I kind of forgot how babies grow.
Roni helped me deal with this leap and also with those who came after it. She was well familiar with the stages of development and the things we could do to help her and us go through them.
She would recommend products and techniques that made my life easier and my baby happier.
At the same time, she accustomed Daria to eating with a bottle as well, thus allowing me some free time for physical and emotional recovery, rest, and around.
Roni is one of a kind, a true professional, a wonderful caregiver, and a friend.
I recommend her fully and feel truly lucky that she came into our lives. We were so lucky to have found such a trustworthy, wonderful, and calming person who has had an impact on our
family forever.


Hagar, Sunnyvale. CA. May 2022

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